The NJ STATE and the USASA NATIONAL Cup games Line-Up Sheets must be printed from the NJSA WEBSITE (



1)      Go to MEMBERS ONLY


2)      Click on the TEAMS Link


3)      Choose the League and your Team name


4)      Enter your Team’s Username and Password


5)      Click on the link named “CUPS Roster Management


6)         You will see the list of all APPROVED players for YOUR team. If a player registration was not completed properly, the player name will not show up and he/she will not be able to participate in the game.


7)         You will HAVE to SELECT (check the box next to the player’s name) up to 25 players for the NJ STATE cups  OR up to 28 players for the US NATIONAL cups you are going to use each time. You will be able to see ONLY THOSE PLAYERS THAT ARE APPROVED. This selection can be done  


8)         You are allowed to SELECT 25 players for a State Cup game, BUT ONLY 18 PLAYER CAN PLAY IN A CUP GAME: it is YOUR responsibility to cross off any player name from the Cup game roster, after the 18 players that you want to use in the cup game.


9)         You can make your selection of players for the State Cup games any time until the Freeze date (see below).


10)      In “CUPS Roster Management”, the FIRST column is for the NJ STATE CUP competition


11)      The SECOND column is for the US NATIONAL CUP competition


12)      AFTER YOU SELECT the players for the cups, you can click on “Print the NJ Cup Game Line-up” or the “Print the US Cup Game Line-up” button at the bottom of the player list.


13)      ONLY THE PLAYERS SELECTED in each of the NJ and/or US National Cups, are eligible to play.

14)      If you do not select your team's players before the deadline, your team may be disqualified from the competition.

15)      NJ STATE CUP ROSTERS WILL BE FROZEN the day before the Quarterfinals (date to be determined)


16)      PLAYERS THAT WERE SUSPENDED DURING A LEAGUE GAME, ARE allowed TO PLAY IN A STATE CUP GAME: their suspension must be served in their League games.


17)      PLAYER EJECTED DURING A CUP GAME: their suspension shall be served in the next state cup game, if their team advances in the cup. If the player's team is eliminated from the cup, then their suspension must be served in the next League Game(s)


18)      The NJSA player eligibility policy remains in effect: if a player is LISTED on the game roster (which means that he is approved and eligible to play) and if you do not have a player pass in your hand, he/she shall be allowed to play using a PICTURE ID (must have a picture on it with the player's date of birth on it).